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Friday 17th March

Red Nose Day 2023 – more information about this event will be sent out via the parent app and Twitter nearer the time.

Tuesday 21st March

Lots of  Socks Day 2023

We would like everyone to come to school wearing odd or crazy colourful socks to raise awareness of World Downs Syndrome Day.

Friday 31st March

School closes for Easter holidays – 2 weeks. 

Pathway rationales for learning through topics


First Steps

Within the First Steps Pathway, classes follow topics which are rotated bi-annually and half termly. These topics are chosen with pupil’s interests and levels in mind and can change dependent on the needs of particular cohorts Teaching and learning is delivered in a cross curricular way and planned activities often cover more than one area of learning following the Early Years Framework

Aspire Pathway

Within the Aspire Pathway classes have topic areas which are rotated bi-annually and changed termly or half termly. This is to facilitate the learning in a meaningful way for pupils who may remain in the same class for more than one year.

The topics have a Geography, History or Science focus but by making cross curricular links it will deepen the understanding for pupils and give the subjects more relevance and meaning.

Topics and skills progression within the Aspire Pathway link to the Schemes of work for the relevant subjects and general stages are indicated on the topic overview. However, it is understood that the learning will be differentiated, and individuals appropriately challenged within the class by developing skills below and above the identified stages.

Literacy skills are developed through all topics which provide the children with authentic reasons for reading and writing and speaking and listening. Phonics is taught discretely.

Numeracy skills are usually taught discretely, although pupils will be given opportunity to apply their learning to topic areas where appropriate.

Science is also considered a core subject so is taught both through topics and discretely. Aspects of learning relating to plants and environments may be included in the planning for Outdoor Learning and Forest school.

Expressive Arts are taught through the topics or given a termly focus.

Most children within the Aspire Pathway will progress in a linear fashion through the classes, so the aim is to develop their skills following the relevant Schemes of work.

Enrichment Pathway

Within the Enrichment Pathway, classes follow topics which are rotated bi-annually and half termly.

A variety of inspiring and exciting topics are explored throughout the year. These topics are immersive experiences which are used as a vehicle to teach specific subject areas and to develop learning and independence within the curriculum areas which are of priority for pupils in this Pathway.

Communication Pathway

Within the Communication Pathway, classes follow topics which are rotated bi-annually and half termly.

For those classes whose learning is predominately through informal play, the topics and themes are designed to offer an irresistible opportunity to engage and provide opportunities for social communication and developing independent learning skills.

A number of classes offer an informal/semi- formal leading to a formal curriculum, where the topics are used as a vehicle to develop core and foundation learning whilst developing their behaviours for learning with an emphasis on the development of resilience and independence. The primary focus for pupils in this Pathway is in developing skills of social communication and emotional regulation.