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Tuesday 1st February

Chinese New Year. Children can come to school wearing something red

Monday 7th to Friday 11th February

ICT / E Safety Week

Tuesday 8th February

National Safer Internet Day 2022

Hawthorns Wellbeing Programme

How does the programme work? 

Hawthorns Wellbeing Hub is a special place in school. Trained Mental Health Champions will follow a holistic learning programme. This promotes and supports Mental Health and Wellbeing for the whole school community and helps develop Emotional Intelligence. We recognise that prevention, identification and early support are vital to mental health and wellbeing.

The wellbeing programme follows a framework to achieve successful outcomes for all our children. It covers Feelings – how to identify and deal with different feelings. Emotional regulation, self-help, decision making and perseverance. Communication – getting better at expressing how you feel and asking for help. Friendship – how to make and keep friends and helping others. Conflict/dealing with anger – calming down techniques and how to cope with conflict and anger. Learning different strategies to cope.  Other areas such as dealing with anxiety, change and loss can also be covered if required by a child. Children will learn mindfulness techniques including mindfulness colouring, different breathing exercises and they will have access to sensory sessions.

Skills for Life

It is important that we also teach our children skills for life. The Wellbeing programme will support children with this. How to choose positive coping strategies to deal with everyday difficulties. Finding positive solutions to problems boosts a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

What are the skills for life?

  • How to cope with everyday difficulties
  • How to communicate with and get on with other people.
  • Building self-awareness
  • Emotional resilience.

Hawthorns Wellbeing Programme aims to:

  • help pupils manage their own behaviour
  • reduces stress and anxiety and enables pupils to learn better
  • develop resilience and empathy
  • raise self esteem
  • develop confidence and awareness
  • support communication and relationships

The Programme

Children will be identified as requiring additional support either through their class teacher or by parent request. They will attend the Wellbeing Hub for 6 weeks. Depending on the area requiring support, children will be given the opportunity to talk about their feelings and do fun activities to help identify different emotions. This may include games, making their own resources, reading a book together or mindfulness colouring or relaxing and listening to music. They will be shown different breathing exercises to help them feel calm and relaxed. Other sessions may include Communication skills, Friendship or how to cope with anxiety or anger issues.

Small Group work

In addition to individual children attending the Wellbeing Hub, small groups of children may be invited into the room. Activities such as yoga, peer massage, mindfulness colouring and games will be undertaken. This will help promote mental health and wellbeing, relaxation, friendship, communication, sharing and empathy skills.

In addition, throughout the school year, classes will have story massage sessions. For further information on the story massage programme, please click here


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