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Friday 26th May

School closes for half term (2 weeks)

(All Sites)

Monday 12th June

School reopens to staff and children (across all sites)

Sports Day 1

For Aspen, Elder, Holly and Pine (weather permitting)

 1:30pm start till 2:30pm

Sports Day 2

For Beech, Blossom, Chestnut, Maple, Sycamore and Willow (weather permitting)

 9:45am till 11am

Curriculum Approaches

At Hawthorns, we are continually reviewing and adapting our curriculum to meet the complex needs of our children.

Our curriculum approaches take into account:

  • a pupil’s chronological age: ensuring they are accessing age appropriate materials
  • a pupil’s developmental age: ensuring the content is differentiated to an appropriate cognitive level
  • Preferred learning styles and individual personalities: affecting how the learning opportunities are structured and delivered
  • Condition and diagnosis: affecting the delivery and structure of the learning and the appropriate curriculum.
  • Communication needs: ensuring personalised communication systems and approaches
  • Behavioural needs: affecting levels of support and the structure of the day and the development of Behaviours for Learning
  • Environmental Factors: such as heat, light, noise and transitions which affect learning for some children
  • Physical, medical, sensory needs: affecting how individuals access the curriculum.
  • Our curriculum approaches provide our children with:
  • Creative, fun, engaging and challenging learning experiences
  • A variety of approaches that take into account preferred learning styles
  • High quality teaching and learning which is monitored on a regular basis
  • The use of ICT to support access to the curriculum

We provide an extended curriculum:

Core Curriculum Approaches Overview