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Tuesday 5th September 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Friday 20th October 2023

School closes for half term


Monday 30th October 2023


School closed to children (all sites)

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Home to school transport

Where children need to be transported to school and where parents may struggle to be able to do this themselves, parents can apply for transport through the local authority. However, pupils do not automatically receive free transport and arrangements/decisions for transport are the responsibility of the Tameside Integrated Transport Unit and not the school.

An application form can be requested from, completed and returned to:

Tameside Integrated Transport Unit (ITU)
Integrated Transport Unit, Tameside ITU, Tame Street, Stalybridge ,Cheshire, SK15 1ST
Telephone: 0161 342 2717, Email:

A copy of the application form is also available to download at the bottom of this page

Full details about school transport are available at:

Transport guide for parents and carers

When completing the application form, please provide as much detail as possible and obtain and attach supporting evidence where required. Provided certain criteria are met, a taxi/minibus will be arranged to pick up and drop off your child every day. Full risk assessments have been completed.


  • Taxis and minibuses will have an escort who supervise the children on route and parents should liaise with escorts with regards to pick-up and drop-off times. Escorts/drivers will adhere to Hawthorns Safeguarding procedures and protocols for arrival and departure at school.
  • School staff will support your child on and off the bus at school and liaise with escorts as required. Training will be given to escorts where appropriate. Please ensure the escort is aware of any health/medical issues relating to your child.
  • Please inform school and ITU if there are any changes to your child’s transport arrangements. We will assume your child is going home on the minibus unless you/ITU inform us otherwise.
  • Parents of pupils who do not live in Tameside should apply directly to the local authority where they live.
  • Parents/Carers of Year 6 pupils must contact ITU by end of June to request transport for a secondary placement.
  • Parents/Carers may request transport for a temporary period of time in cases of emergency. The normal form should be completed as soon as possible and sent to ITU with supporting evidence if needed.
Transport Request Form (PDF Version)