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Friday 26th May

School closes for half term (2 weeks)

(All Sites)

Monday 12th June

School reopens to staff and children (across all sites)

Sports Day 1

For Aspen, Elder, Holly and Pine (weather permitting)

 1:30pm start till 2:30pm

Sports Day 2

For Beech, Blossom, Chestnut, Maple, Sycamore and Willow (weather permitting)

 9:45am till 11am

Sensory Processing Disorder


Everybody processes experiences individually and how we process sensory stimuli is no different! People like different foods , smells, textures; some people like roller coasters and some people get sea sick. However, sometimes if people have sensory processing difficulties, their sensory systems can interpret stimuli very differently.

Here’s some more information;





Case Studies

Case Studies

We focus on three key sensory systems to support children’s readiness to learn;

We provide constant opportunities for children to regulate. We incorporate movement into daily activities, provide alternative seating, have regular movement breaks as well as our dedicated movement area.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the sensory systems into activities at home..