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Tuesday 5th September 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Friday 20th October 2023

School closes for half term


Monday 30th October 2023


School closed to children (all sites)

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Our Curriculums


Each Class has a bespoke curriculum that is meaningful and purposeful to the children within it. The curriculums are completely flexible and will change and adapt to the children’s needs and interests while keeping a keen focus on specific areas of development. Each child has a Personal Learning Plan which maps out children’s targets in line with their EHCPs and how the development of these skills will be facilitated by carefully matched transactional supports. Each child also has a wellbeing profile which identifies key supports for each child to promote and maintain positive wellbeing in the areas of Social and emotional, physical and sensory, environmental, educational and communication.

Across all four classes progress is tracked using the SCERTS assessment process as well as the use of data collection records, video diaries and electronic/paper work books Below is a pen portrait of each of the classes; Within the SCERTS frame work, in the domain of Social Communication-

Buds class are typically early language partners, working on expanding their range of language and word combinations either symbolic or spoken. Within the domain of Emotional Regulation, Buds class are typically using behavioural strategies to regulate their emotions, working on developing language strategies. Buds Class Buds class has a semi – formal curriculum which is predominantly delivered through themed play based learning. Children in Buds class are ‘learning to learn’ and all activities are highly engaging and provide opportunities for social communication and participation. The primary focus’ for development in Buds class are – Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Play and leisure as well as the core academics where appropriate, including- Phonics/Word reading (letters and sounds), Comprehension (guided reading), Number (white rose), and Writing. Key strategies and approaches in Buds class include- Pairing, Active engagement, Attention Autism, play based learning and TEACHH.

Rowan Class Within the SCERTS framework in the area of Social Communication, Rowan Class are typically Social Partners, learning to use their body language, gestures and facial expressions to communicate. There are some emerging Language Partners, learning to use single words and brief phrases through speech, signs and pictures. Within the area of Emotional Regulation, Rowan Class are at the behavioural level stage, using motor and sensory motor strategies to regulate their emotions. Rowan Class offers a naturalistic learning environment which predominantly involves informal play-based learning. Children in Rowan Class are learning to fall in love with the social world and all activities offer an irresistible opportunity to engage, providing opportunities for social communication. The main focuses for development in Rowan Class are; Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Play. The key strategies and approaches in Rowan Class include; Pairing, Learning through play, sensory gross motor, TEACCH, Attention Autism and Active Engagement.

Elm Class Within the SCERTS framework, in the domain of social communication, Elm class are typically higher level language partners. Children are working on developing functional communication as a means to building relationships and understanding the world around them. In the domain of emotional regulation Elm class are typically using language strategies with some children beginning to develop their meta cognitive level abilities in order to successfully manage their emotions. Elm class offers a semi-formal curriculum which provides many opportunities for social communication. The academic element of the curriculum centres around the core subjects of maths (white rose) phonics (letters and sounds) comprehension (guided reading) and writing and composition (colourful semantics). There are also opportunities for thematic based learning covering foundation subjects such as science, geography, PSHE, art and technology. Key evidence based strategies used in Elm class include: Pairing, Attention Autism and TEACCH.