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Tuesday 5th September 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Friday 20th October 2023

School closes for half term


Monday 30th October 2023


School closed to children (all sites)

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Children return to school (all sites)




At Hawthorns we believe IT is a vital tool for enhancing our pupil’s learning.   Many of our children have skills when using their ipad or the latest technology and we want to embrace this.
All of our pupils have their own ipad which is kept with them through their school life.  Their ipad will have a set of core apps such as iMovie, Clips and Showbie.  These may be used to support their learning in Literacy, Maths, Speaking and Listening or many other subject areas.  They will also have apps which specifically support the teaching and learning of subjects such as Maths, Shapes, Coding or Geography.  Our ipads can be used to promote fine motor skills or independence.  In a digital world the pupil’s workbooks may also be stored on their ipads, making it easier for progression to be recorded and viewed.
Each year we have an ICT Week.  In this week the staff have training in a specific area and we focus the children’s learning to one aspect of the IT Curriculum.  Previous ICT Weeks have focused on Coding, Animation and Being Creative.
At Hawthorns we encourage all our children to be aware of E-Safety.  We teach them knowledge and skills when online to enable them to keep themselves safe.  Each year we participate in Safer Internet Day where we take part in activities to support keeping safe online.  We also provide parents with regular E-Safety updates and workshops on keeping their child safe  whilst online at home.