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Friday 26th May

School closes for half term (2 weeks)

(All Sites)

Monday 12th June

School reopens to staff and children (across all sites)

Sports Day 1

For Aspen, Elder, Holly and Pine (weather permitting)

 1:30pm start till 2:30pm

Sports Day 2

For Beech, Blossom, Chestnut, Maple, Sycamore and Willow (weather permitting)

 9:45am till 11am

Welcome to Holly Class


The curriculum is split into three key areas:

  • My Communication
  • My Thinking and Problem Solving
  • My Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our key priorities are providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment, that allows students to access the curriculum through a total communication approach alongside enabling resources that scaffold learning.

We use the SEE-KS framework to inform our teaching which focusing on three key areas:

  • Fostering Investment
  • Fostering Independence
  • Fostering Initiation

The Adults in Holly Class are:

 Name  Position
 Miss A. White  Class Teacher
 Mrs D. McGeoch  Teaching Assistant
 Mrs A. Fahim  Teaching Assistant

In addition to the three key areas, we also cover a wide range of exciting topics to expand our interests in the world around us. Topics have a History, Geography or Science focus, each are taught as experiential learning opportunities that are hands on and engaging. Each session is differentiated to ensure all students can access the topic and is therefore meaningful and purposeful for them.

Here are the topics we will cover this year:


Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Into the Forest
(Traditional Tales)
+ Christmas
Caped Crusaders
Way up high!
(Mountains and Volcanoes)
Up and away!
In the Garden
nature/life cycles)
Under the Sea
(Rainbow Fish)
*History is taught by celebrating festivals throughout the year, which are presented on our class calendar which is updated throughout the year.

Wellbeing Timetable


Autumn Term  Spring Term  Summer Term 
All about ME
Focus: History / PSHE
Recognising how I have changed
Expressing Likes and dislikes
Healthy Lifestyles
Focus: Science / PSHE
Health and Hygiene
Diet and food
My Community
Focus: Geography / PSHE
Where I Live
People that help us
Road Safety

Weekly Timetable



Here’s some of the things we love to do in Holly Class …



Please see our class twitter page, @Hawthorn_Holly for regular updates of what we get up to.  Click on the icon below to visit our page now.

Please feel free to contact us via the class twitter page above or on our email:


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We also have a parent app, which we use to send out messages, letters and important information.   If you haven’t signed up, and would like to, contact school to receive an invitation by email.  For step by step instructions on how to install the app click here

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