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Tuesday 5th September 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Friday 20th October 2023

School closes for half term


Monday 30th October 2023


School closed to children (all sites)

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Children return to school (all sites)



The school’s policy on the administration of medication ensures that all staff are trained in consultation with the school nurse and other Health Professionals. All staff receive yearly training for epilepsy and asthma from the School Nurse. Teaching Assistants are First Aid trained and can administer rescue medication. Consent for administration of medication is given by parents at the start of the school year and dispensed by trained class staff both on and off-site. All medication is stored securely.

Healthcare plans – these are written by the school nurse before a child starts at school in liaison with parents/other healthcare workers to meet the health needs of those children requiring them. The plan is shared with all adults who work with the child and revisited regularly.

Regular staff/team meetings ensure staff awareness is raised. Any training requirements are organised by the school nurse, updated regularly or when required. Care plans may include asthma, epilepsy, toileting and feeding needs.

Medical Emergencies – These are dealt with in a calm, sensitive manner and staff know when and how to call for help. There are emergency alarms in each class and public areas. Key staff are trained to use a defibrillator.

Health and Therapy Services – school works closely with all health and therapy services and many services provide appointments at school. These include:

  • School nurse
  • Medicals
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Visual Impairment team
  • Audiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pupil Counsellor

Hawthorns Wellbeing Hub – Hawthorns Wellbeing Hub is a special place in school. Trained Mental Health Champions will follow a holistic learning programme. This promotes and supports Mental Health and Wellbeing for the whole school community and helps develop Emotional Intelligence.