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Design and Technology

At Hawthorns, opportunities for children to develop skills outlined within the Design and Technology curriculum are varied and plentiful. From scissor cutting skills to designing and making their own products, children can access DT at an appropriate level, and develop their skills accordingly. Moreover, sessions grounded in Design and Technology are used to enhance and reinforce the broader topic or theme being developed in class.

Alongside the DT skills being developed in classrooms, out of class DT sessions are also provided by a specialist Artist/Designer. The sessions are grounded in the subject area of Design and Technology, whilst also encompassing elements of Art and Science.

DT sessions developed by teaching staff focus on the manipulation of tools and a wide variety of materials to construct objects as a framework for developing:

  • ​fine motor skills, dexterity, and competence in tool use
  • ​gaining of materials knowledge through hands-on experience
  • ​enhancing and broadening conceptual understanding
  • ​social & behavioural targets (e.g. follow instructions; safety awareness)
  • ​understanding of the design process
  • ​creative exploration