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Friday 3rd DECEMBER

CANCELLED - click here to read the letter that has been sent out to parents and carers


Tuesday 7th December - 1:30pm start

Beech and Holly's Christmas Show. *Parents of Beech and Holly only. Ticket required.

Wednesday 8th December - 10am START

Sycamore, Maple, Chestnut, Willow and Aspen's Christmas Show. *Parents of these classes only. Ticket required. 

At Hawthorns, we are on a continual journey to provide the best possible outcomes for our children and are committed to providing them with the highest quality learning experiences We regularly review and adapt our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of all our learners. To facilitate this learning, in addition to our seven classrooms, we have adapted the learning environments and created four additional specialised classrooms. Our bespoke curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individuals within all of these classes.

Our Key Principles are to:


  • Create a rich and diverse curriculum to interest and inspire
  • Use teaching strategies that capture interest and promote positive behaviours for learning
  • Create contextual and experiential learning events to immerse pupils in purposeful and meaningful experiences
  • Provide opportunities for participation and inclusion


  • Personalise learning for every pupil
  • Train staff to support children’s individual learning and developmental needs
  • Identify barriers to learning and find ways to tackle them
  • Teach children strategies to cope and to develop their independence
  • Use resources effectively to support children’s access to learning


  • Support children to build their knowledge and skills from their starting points
  • Prioritise skills for life and healthy living
  • Develop children’s experience of the world around them
  • Encourage independence in all children, at their own level
  • Prepare children for the next steps in their learning journey

The curriculum in the spine classes is organised into a two year planning cycle. Content is organised by a combination of discrete subjects and cross curricular topics and themes. These topics can change depending on the needs and interest levels of specific cohorts. Regular curriculum enrichment days and weeks are planned for each year.


Sunnyside Moss Campus,
Lumb Lane, Audenshaw
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