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Tuesday 5th September 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Friday 20th October 2023

School closes for half term


Monday 30th October 2023


School closed to children (all sites)

Tuesday 31st October 2023

Children return to school (all sites)


Annual Reviews


All children are reviewed regularly whilst attending Hawthorns.

Each child has a new pupil meeting in the first term following their admission to Hawthorns. This involves parents, teaching staff and key agencies.

Where possible we aim to include the child in the meetings to enable them to talk about what they enjoy about school and what they dislike. If children are unable to take part we have photographs and videos so that parents can see what activities their child is involved in.

Each child has an Annual Pupil centered Review. We coordinate reports from all professionals involved with each child as well as a contribution from parents.

Many children have difficulty conveying their ideas, so we use suitable strategies that enable them to communicate their thoughts and ideas – such as symbols and photographs.

All professionals,  including an Education Officer, are invited to attend the meeting or to send a report.

This Review of the Statement/ Education Health Care Plan is to ensure that the provision is suitable and can meet the child’s needs effectively.

The documentation for the Review is circulated 10 days before each meeting.

During the year we hold 3 formal parent meetings with Class Staff to review progress. Parents can contact school at any time to arrange a discussion/meeting about their child’s progress.